So you say gmail is secure ???

The three things you need to reset the gmail password of your friend‘s account

  1. Five frequently contacted mail ids (You must be knowing at least 5 of his friends)
  2. Approx. date in which the person created his/ her account (Google and find out his activity online & give an approx date. Need not be accurate)
  3. Click ‘Forgot password?’
  4. Approx date from which the person started using google calender, gmail, hangouts and chat (Doesn’t matter much. Again, Googling might help)  
I don’t know
can’t access my phone
verify identity
give your mail id
Do some google search and find out the person’s activity in discussion forums and other public threads
skip this question
Well, this you need to find out
Google and find out
… Hopefully, google will send the link to reset password to the gmail account you have provided.

Disclaimer: This blog is written using publicly available information.This is just an attempt to find out how secure gmail is.

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