Installing Ubuntu using USB drive


Creating live usb 

  • Download Ubuntu from here
  • Format the usb drive to NTFS (Use Disk utility)
  • Unmount the usb device (Don’t remove it from pc)
  • Use the following command in Linux terminal to copy the .iso file into the usb device

dd if=/location/of/.iso/file of=/location/of/usb/device bs=1024

    • Finding /location/of/usb/device
      • Remove the usb drive
      • Type cd /dev in Terminal
      • Type ls
      • Plug in usb device
      • Again type ls
      • Now it will display the usb device’s location (Eg: If two extra items sdc and sdc1are displayed in the second case /location/of/usb/device =  /dev/sdc (and NOT/dev/sdc1). See the example below

dd if=/home/vineeshvs/Downloads/ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1024


  • Restart the system and enter BIOS (press F1 or F2 or F10 or Del or Esc (different for different computers))
  • Go to Boot menu and set the boot preference such that usb divice (USB HDD) comes gets the first priority
  • Exit BIOS saving the changes and reboot with the usb device plugged in
  • Now the boot will be done from usb device and you can install Ubuntu

Manual partitioning

  • Please visit the second link listed in Sources above
  • Sample partition for a 250 GB harddrive:
    • /boot : 300 MB
    • swap : 1998 MB
    • / : 7998 MB
    • /home : 245704 MB

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